EXPED means expedition equipment

Since 1997, the EXPED Team has designed and built the highest quality, specialized gear for the active, outdoor enthusiast. This equipment is designed to appeal to everyone from the casual hiker of the Appalachian Trail to the technical climber in the Himalayas. Every user expects their equipment to meet particular requirements and at EXPED they build products intended to surpass those expectations!

  • Attention paid to every detail – EXPED tents are lightweight, comfortable, multi functional and simple to use for highest requirements.

  • EXPED sleeping mats will draw you into restful slumber. Lightweight, comfortable and reasonable priced.

  • Meticulous in design, perfection in material and construction. EXPED offers a wide range of sleeping bags for highest requirements.

  • EXPED’s accessories captivates you through the reduction of unnecessary components to the rare essentials of outdoor requirements.

  • Safe, compact and lightweight poles with our reliable expander and push button adjustment system for pure backcountry joy!

  • EXPED is offering a wide range of useful and sophisticated accessories for your expeditions.