Innovative high-quality outdoor equipment and accessories

The Korean company N•rit produces innovative, high-end equipment and accessories for outdoor activities. The materials used are always a step beyond the standards of the comparable products on the market.

  • Tube-9 CooLet is made using advanced high quality 100% aerocool fiber to protect your arms from UV rays and keep you cool.

  • The advanced N•rit sports towels are made of ultra-microfiber, anti-bacterial, lightweight, fast-drying – perfect for your outdoor activities.

  • The Campack towel is the pocket model of the N•rit sports towel for travel, cleaning glasses and camera lenses.

  • Beat the heat with the polar ice wrist- and neckbelt! Long-lasting cooling effect. Reusable up to 30 times.

  • N•rit cap lights are fully rechargeable cap lights, including an ultrasonic bug repellent. Perfect for camping, fishing, hunting or biking.

  • Hand-tear non-woven cohesive bandage, non-sticky to hair or skin. Nature latex coating which gives adhesive properties.